1964 is a very important year in the history of Beat music in the world. The Davies brothers compose “You Really Got Me” and this song marks the birth of Hard Rock. The Animals record “The House of the Rising Sun “, in Birmingham the Spencer Davis group starts playing and the Rolling Stones record their first LP while at the same time in Italy the Bit-Nik become active. The comparison seems to be disrespectful towards such mythical groups, but the Bit-Nik really have something in common with their English colleagues . They were the first Italian band to play beat music in theatres: they  set to music the comedy “La passeggiata della Domenica ( “The Sunday Walk”) ,directed by Dario Fo. Moreover the great Italian singer Fabrizio De André, after having listened to their “Ninna Nanna” ( “Lullaby”), asked  permission to use the tune written by the Bit-Nik (in co-operation with Dario Fo and Oscar Prudente) and he wrote then one of his most beautiful songs, “Via del Campo”.Even before that the Procol Harum wrote “A Whiter Shade of Pale” and started to use the Hammond organ as main instrument, the Bit-Nik had recorded “Preghiera per un amico Beat” ( “Prayer for a Beat Friend”) where the Vox organ (they were poorer and they could not afford to use the Hammond organ) repeated a tune that distinguished the song. They were also the first Italian band (group) to record a song both in Italian and in English. Their version of “Nights in White Satin” had the same atmosphere that characterized the song of the Moody Blues. The Italian song was called “Ho difeso il mio amore” (“I have protected my love”). Only  the little political importance of their record company in the ruthless world of music prevented this song from becoming a hit record. Their version is doubtless much better than the ones proposed respectively by two other Italian groups, the “Profeti” and the “Nomadi”.

The Bit-Nik started their musical adventure in1966 far from Genoa, their home town. They toured with the company of Dario Fo and they played in the greatest Italian theatres such as the Teatro Regio in Parma and the Teatro Metastasio in Prato. Everywhere they had a great success because they had brought something new in the world of theatre, that was still linked to classical patterns, but live concerts have always been their greatest love.. For this reason they did not accept to work further with Dario Fo and to set to music  the famous play “La signora è da buttare “. Instead,  they updated and improved their repertoire and they started playing again.

In 1968 they took part to the “Tour della Canzone” , a minor musical festival linked to the famous “Cantagiro” and they won hands down.

They took part to various TV shows, among which "Chissà chi lo sa", a well-known programme by Febo Conti.

The Bit-Nik concluded then their career because they were tired of a musical world where politics were more and more important, where in order to have success it was necessary to know high-up people, to ask them for support , to make compromises, to give up that friendship that had always been the basis of their group.

The Bit-Nik regret only not to have recorded more: in the recording room they did not succeed in expressing themselves in the same way they did during their live concerts where they showed their tough character and where, when they found the right place where they could play as they liked, they were able to make their audience feel the great energy of their music.

In 2001 they started playing together again more to enjoy each other company  than to play ( they had lost touch because of their different working fields). While playing again, they realized that they could still compete with the new groups and  that they were able to feel new emotions that helped them to play in their concerts with the enthusiasm they had at the beginnings of their career.
Now they take part to charity events  in favour of  animals and they offer their contribution to raise funds for humanitarian aims.   


Now let’s discover who the Bit-Nik are.


 He was born in Genoa. His father played the violin and the sax-tenor (??). Therefore he grew up in an artistic background and surely his father’s teachings have influenced him. He plays the keyboard and he is the singer of all songs (except for two songs). The Bit-Nik needed someone who could be the promoter of the group, who kept  in touch with the show managers, in one word somebody who could be their spokesman. He fulfilled this task and still does, nothing more: the Bit-Nik were and still are a “republic”  based on friendship. When they stopped playing Mauro left the keyboard for the computer becoming a programmer . It will always be inexplicable  how he could leave the music world, full of imagination and improvisation, for the computer world, so practical and unimaginative.


Ezio Gaggioli

Born in Genoa. He is with the Bit-Nik from their very beginning. He was interested  in art since he was a young boy. He became a painter signing his works “T. Mel” (Tony Melody). When he was fifteen  he started playing the guitar and created a new group with Nanni Perazzo where he could show his great love for the “Shadows”. A year later he met Mauro Boccardo. Ezio has always lived his relationship with music with a sort of double attitude: from one side he played with such a frenzy the he sometimes destroyed the guitar during his concerts, but on the other side his “solos”  have always been full of sweetness and  charm. His restless spirit led him, once he gave up playing, to look for new life and work experiences. He started playing again in March 2002, but  two years later he decided to leave the group for personal reasons. Luckily he  changed his mind another two years later and now the Bit-nik are playing all together once again: friendship has prevailed over everything else. 


Nanni Perazzo

 Born in Genoa. He plays the bass. His best qualities have always been an iron will and a strong character that led him, both in the music field and in his private life, to reach the targets he had aimed at. His relationship with music is rather maniacal  because he wants to reach perfection at all costs. He counterbalances the merry and cheerful spirit of the other members of the group; he sometimes forgets his well-known seriousness, but when he realizes that  there is too much joking he  brings everybody back on the straight and narrow path.. He stopped playing well before the others for personal reasons, but he is always remained a good friend of the group. He gave himself up to work and he became director of an important shipping company. He alternates with Gianni Mondini and with him the group becomes [Mark I].


Mauro Dassio

Born in Genoa. He begins his musical adventure with the famous group of the “Bats” together with Nico Di Palo (“New Trolls”) , Marcello Reale and Peppino Di Santo (“Delirium”).To meet the Bit-Nik was a great luck both for him and for the group. He is a versatile musician: at that time he played the guitar,  the organ and the sax-tenor ??. Thanks to him the Bit-Nik could range from rock to Rhythm and Blues with the greatest ease. He has a high-pitched voice and he can be either a solo singer or a “Background Vocal” (as the Americans say) with the same great results. Suddenly he did not want to play any longer: his new “world” had become the trade unions where he is the chairman of SCS (a company linked to CAF)of the CGIL group. Only Mauro Boccardo’s insistence, with the help of Dassio’s wife, has convinced him to play again. Now he is satisfied with this decision and he is the same old “pillar” of the group.


Gianni Mondini

 Born in Genoa. He replaced Nanni in 1968.  He carried out this hard task with success and he quickly became a chief support of the group. He was born to be a musician. He is a lively and good-humoured person who has always cheered up the whole group. He is the one who suffered most from the splitting up of the Bit-Nik. He could not live without music and therefore he made some other musical experiences together with his brother Adriano, a remarkable musician. He moved to Cremona, where he lives now and where he lives now and where he works for an advertising company. He alternates with Nanni Perazzo  and with him the group becomes [Mark II].


Marco Biggi

Marco comes from a family of musicians: his grand-father is a qualified c1arinet-player, bis father a piano-player and a drummer, his aunt an opera singer. When he was four years old he played with bis grand-father and his father, at the age of seven he started studying as a drummer, at twelve he was already playing in an orchestra and from then on he has never stopped .... He went on studying with qualified teachers, he widened bis knowledge oftheory, sol-fa, harmony with the piano-player Sara Ferrando. He co-operated with Gianpiero Reverberi (Rondò Veneziano), Fabrizio Casalino (Tenco Prize 1994) and in 2001 he recorded the CD "Onde Clandestine" (Secret Waves) with Federico Siriani, and in 2004 he was awarded with the "Recanati Prize". Among others he co-operated with the company of "Teatro Stabile" ofGenoa (" Mother Courage and her cbildren " with the famous Italian actress Mariangela Melato ). He played with several bands and artists among which Radio Gaga. Now together we are going to broaden our horizons : his experience will drive us to achieve new remarkable goals.

Lorenzo Gazzano

Gazzano Lorenzo was born in Genoa on January 17, 1977. Since October 2012 he joined part of BITNIK. The collaboration had already started in March 2012 at the Teatro Govi. It 'was a love at first sight. Superfine musician, but also a person available, friendly, cooperative. List all its stages art would be like writing a new divine comedy. He participated in 1994 and 1995, Pink Floyd Italian national meeting at rock festival Palafiori to Sanremo in 1999. She teaches at the music association matra Ovada. He played with various groups the most 'important of which are: "No Name", a cover band history, "Outside the Wall", a tribute to Pink Floyd, "Radio Gaga", a tribute to the Queen, and "The valley jazz big band." But that obviously does not know the others, in BITNIK is much better.

Enrico Fiorito

Thanks to Enrico's reliability and experience the Bit-Nik have surely improved their performances because they were flfed with enthusiasm and we thank bim for this and always will. Unfortunately we started to disagree with bim on how to carry out our musical engagements and therefore, even though reluctantly, we chose different paths. However we'll always be good friends and whenever Marco Biggi isn't able to play either because of working engagements or holidays, Enrico will do everytbing he can to play with uso Thanks a lot, Enrico, and good luck!


Giulio Titti Pistarino

He has been one of the main pillars of the group for a long time. When he was on the stage he represented a great part of the history of the Bit-Nik. If he had been a football or a basketball player the Bit-Nik would have surely withdrawn the shirt bearing his number so that nobody would have worn it. Unfortunately there are some moments in life when friends ways may part. This is what happened.  We all wish Titti to find in a new group all what he has surely found in the Bit-Nik. The king has died, long live the king!